Other than memories, wedding photographs will be one of the only things you will have after the wedding.  The cake will be gone, family and friends will have gone home, tuxes will be returned, and your dress will be in a box in the attic.  So choose your photographer carefully.  My suggestion is to talk to several, look at their work,  then ask yourself, who do I feel comfortable with?  Your pictures will be so much better if you are comfortable with your photographer.  

Engagement pictures are a great way to see how well you and your photographer work together.  If you don't enjoy the process, look for another photographer.   

Everyone wants to know how much will wedding photography cost?  The problem is that every wedding is different, and every bride wants different things.  Time of year and day of the week all influence pricing.  If you are getting married on Sunday afternoon in February, then it is going to cost you less than if you get married on Saturday afternoon in June.  

I would love to talk to you about what you need, and then we can discuss prices.    

Just as and example:

Local wedding in the Clemson area:

  • Coverage of the ceremony only (1 hour max)
  • 100 Prints fully edited and printed (4x6)
  • The investment would be $500